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    The New Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Implications for Companies  

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made significant changes to the IRS treatment of relocation expenses. Download this white paper to understand the:

    • Changes to Federal Tax treatment of moving expenses; 
    • Challenges for high-cost areas and the anticipated popularity of lump sums; 
    • Impact on international relocation assignments;
    • 3 steps you can take immediately.

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    International Relocation Policy Trends

    Knowing international relocation trends and best practices will help you assess your global mobility policies in light of current realities. Download this white paper to learn:

    • Compensation and benefits for relocating employees
    • Successful pre-assignment and home country assistance
    • Mobilization to the host country and repatriation

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    Domestic Relocation Packages: Best Practices

    Here's a great starting point for companies looking for help creating or improving their domestic relocation packages and policies. Download this white paper to:

    • Explore new ways to make your relocation package competitive and cost-effective
    • Evaluate which employee benefits might be worth reconsidering
    • Improve your current domestic relocation policy to produce successful outcomes

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    Relocation Tax and the Mobile Workforce

    The best-managed relocation is still disruptive, so for workers to consider relocating it must be affordable and promise a net economic gain. Download this paper to learn more about:

    • Taxation of Relocation Expenses
    • Relocation Tax Law Best Practices
    • Relocation Policy Components & Taxability

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    Outsourcing Relocation: Is it Right for You?

    If you manage global relocation, you have undoubtedly found the process of identifying and managing specialized service partners can be overwhelming. Read this paper to learn:

    • The benefits of outsourcing domestic and international relocation administration 
    • Considerations when deciding if outsourcing  is right for you
    • Best practices in selecting a relocation service provider 

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    International Relocation Assignment Components

    International Relocation: Assignment Components

    Jump-start your policy review process and highlight benefit areas that might be worth reconsidering to drive successful outcomes. Download this whitepaper to:

    • Learn new ideas to strengthen your global relocation package
    • Understand which employee relocation benefits might be worth reconsidering
    • Improve your current international relocation policy

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    ebook-thumbnail-Lump-Sum-Policies (1).png

    Lump Sum Policies Best Practices

    There are internal and external factors to consider in deciding if a lump sum program is right for your company and your global mobility initiatives. Download this this white paper to learn:

    • Advantages & disadvantages of each type of policy;
    • How each type of lump sum program works; and
    • Which type of policy is the best fit for your employee relocation program.

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    Employee Relocation: Domestic Culture Shock

    As global moves have become commonplace, relocation professionals understand much more the phenomenon of culture shock. Download this white paper to:

    • Learn cost effective ways to mitigate the risks of failed domestic assignments 
    • Find out when moves most likely produce culture shock
    • Improve employee assessment for a better outcome

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    Maintaining Productivity During an Employee Relocation

    Download this white paper to learn about the best practices and considerations for your employee relocation policy, including: 

    • The largely hidden costs of lost productivity during an employee relocation;
    • Proactive measures to minimize potential issues early and to increase positive relocation experiences; and
    • Important considerations in global mobility that can reduce negative impact on your bottom line. 

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