Lump Sum Policies Best Practices

Is a Lump Sum Program Right for Your Company? 

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With increased focus on talent acquisition and retention, along with the ever-present need to control costs and streamline administration, many companies are taking a closer look at their lump sum policy and its effectiveness. For companies that have used lump sums as a one-size-fits-all approach to support their domestic and international relocations, many are now finding that this might not be the best methodology.

There are both internal and external factors to consider in deciding if a lump sum program is right for your company and your global mobility initiatives. To help you understand all of the complexities, in this white paper we'll take a deeper look into: 

  • The advantages and disadvantages of each type of lump sum policy; 
  • How each type of lump sum program works; and 
  • Which type of policy is the best fit for your employee relocation program.