Selecting a Relocation Management Company

Relocation is complex and professional relocation expertise has become essential.

For many companies, whether domestic relocation or international relocation, it begins in an ad hoc way. There are no polices and few precedents, so program management often consists of a straightforward reimbursement of relocation expenses as they occur. If this describes your company, then this is an excellent time to consider a formal, outsourced relationship with a relocation management company (RMC) and well thought out corporate relocation policies.

Selecting a Relocation Management CompanyThis ebook outlines the steps in a typical relocation procurement process, including:

  • Assessing your needs and the level of relocation support you need;
  • Forming a selection team and designating a corporate relocation gatekeeper;
  • Developing a list of potential full-service relocation management companies;
  • Issuing an RFIs and RFPs;
  • Evaluating potential relocation service partners and pricing proposals; and
  • Establishing a relationship with the selected relocation management company.